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Casting tip no. 86

What weight rod is it?
An excited client told me he was bringing his custom made rod on a recent trip. He showed up with a beautifully made 2 piece graphite rod that had only a hand written, "7 Weight," designation on the blank. A nice reel was mounted with a 7 weight, weight forward line. Having cast many fly rods thru the years, I can generally guess the weight just by the feel. This rod, though beautiful, was very heavy and didn't even bend at the tip when I false cast 40 feet. I asked him to cast it, and he struggled. Then I put my 7 weight in his other hand. He was astonished at the difference! He then cast my rod with ease. Don't believe everything you see.

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Random Thought from the Tying Bench

By C.W. “Don” Coleman

MYSTERIES – I would not like to live in a world without mysteries. Nor would I like to think that there is nothing else for me to learn beyond what I have personally experienced.

MAXIMS: Keep your mind on the fly you are fishing, not in your fly box.
Size and the illusion of life are more important than fly pattern.
The core of fly fishing is line handling.
Read the morning paper for the “Truth,” then go fishing to get the taste of it
out of your mouth. – Ed Zern
Don’t bring bananas on a guide’s boat. They get upset.


Casting with Either Hand

If you are a dedicated fly fisherman I encourage you to learn and practice casting with both hands. I started a couple of years ago and now switch hands without hesitation. With a helping wind you can cast just about as far with the opposite hand. And, on a breezy day with the wind off your right shoulder the left handed cast works well. I still stick to my right hand for long casts into the wind, but my left hand cast is pretty reliable. While fishing in Brazil from a small boat I used my left hand a lot so Frank and I could both fish at once. Additionally, we were often casting so it also gave one arm a rest. One way to learn is to practice casting with a rod in each hand. It will feel very awkward at first, but hang in there and you will improve with patience. This effort will enhance your casting skills and pay fishing, catching dividends.


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