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Fly of the Month

Layne Smith's Ghost Rat Tarpon Fly




Hook: Gamakatsu SL12s 1/0

Thread: Flat waxed nylon (white)

Tail: White craft fur or Polar Fibre

Flash: Pearl Ice Dub

Wing: White marabou or blood feather

Eyes: Medium black bead chain

Collar: EP Minnow Head Brush

Coating: Solarez UV resin

Marker: Grey prismacolor

Tying Instructions

1. Place hook in vise and tie in base wrap for tail starting at hook point and wrap back to barb and then half hitch.

2. Cut and preen a piece of white craft fur or Polar Fibre (about 2 – 2 1/2 times hook length), getting rid of most of the underfur; tie in at hook point and post it (wrap around the fur and not the hook) with 2 or 3 wraps of thread to help with anti-fouling. Then add stripes with the marking pen.

3. Take a small clump of tapered Pearl Ice Dub and tie in front of the tail, on top of the hook, allowing it to spread around the sides of the tail (this should be about half the length of the tail).

4. Stroke the marabou and tie in on top of the hook as a wing (this should extend back 1/3 of the length of the tail) then trim away the excess feather. Wrap down the butt ends tightly, smoothly tapering thread wraps to the 1/3 point from the hook eye.

5. Tie in bead chain eyes with figure 8 wraps to set eyes in place.

6. Tie on EP Minnow Head Brush just in front of marabou wing and palmer forward to just behind eyes, stroking material back as you go so you don’t overwrap any fibers. Tie off and remove any excess fibers.

7. Tie a few wraps of thread at the front of the brush to keep it angled back.
Some alternative color patterns are to use a red brush head or a chartreuse tail with pink EP Head Brush for the “electric chicken” effect.







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